Friday, December 4, 2009

Reindeer "Tear Bear" Assembly Tutorial


Hello Friends!

As promised, I was able to get a tutorial together for assembling our new Reindeer Paper Piecing Template.  It's been 24 hours since our release!  The comments have been overwhelming from all of you.  I've received serveral emails from our website on how adorable it is.  I'm does my heart good knowing that you are all pleased. {smiles}.

Okay, so here we go.
The first thing I did was traced all of my parts onto the back side of the mulberry paper.  I chose Caramel paper for my Reindeer.

*** One thing to remember:  decide which way you want your reindeer to face.  If you want his head to the left, you will trace the opposite way onto your mulberry paper.  I wanted mine facing left, so I flipped over the important pieced (my letters on my pattern were backwards) - the body and the tail are the only 2 pieces you will need to worry about. ***

The way this template is designed, you will need to completed heads.  1 is the actual head, and the other  makes up the breast of the body.

Notice that I marked each part with it's corresponding letter in the middle of each piece.  This will help you match up your pieced for layering and assembly.  I hate when I put a something together upside down. LOL

Here's a quick tip for saving paper.  Notice how I matched up the lines for the legs.  Spacing isn't an issue when you are dealing with pieces like this.  Using the edge of your paper is okay too as long as it is going to be glued behind something and not visible.

After I've traced all my piecing, I then go over them with my watertank brush.  I only do about 4-5 at a time and then tear, otherwise, by the time you get back to tearing, your water will have dried already.

After wetting, I lay them out to dry.

Once your pieces have dried, go ahead and start matching up the layers.  Isn't it easier now that you've marked them with your pencil?

After layering, let the glue dry for a little while.

Now it's time to fluff your pieces.  Yeah, I made a mess, and I sneezed through the whole thing - lol.  I haven't done that in a while.

Time to add some chalk.  I used Colorbox Chestnut Roan Fluid Chalk.  It is a richer color and really makes the dimensional aspects of this piecing pop.

Oh, don't forget to cut out your cardstock piecings!  This part is next.  I added some fluid chalk to the antlers before attaching them to my reindeer.

The first thing I did was adhere the muzzle to the head.  This makes it easier to position the ears correctly. 

To attach the ears and antlers, I placed a dab of adhesive to the ear where it would meet with the head.  I lined both pieces up symetrically for even placement.  Then, I tucked the antlers between the the head and ears.  I had enough adhesive on the ears that I didn't need anymore for the antlers.

Here is how your reindeer should look.

Lets work on finishing the head.  I used my paper shaper paw punch for the eyes.  I like little eyes on my reindeer, but you could use bigger ones if you choose.   Remember, it's all about personality.

To aide me in positioning the eyes, I first attached the nose using my craft tweezers.  Just a dab of adhesive will do.  I chose red... my guy is Rudolph.  Next, add the eyes.

Before I went any further, I attached the hoofs to the very bottom of each leg.

Remember that extra head?  Here is where it goes.  If you marked it, you will be sure to get the correct placement.  Add a bit of adhesive to the top of the 2nd head and attach it to the back of the "actual" head as shown.

Here is how your reindeer should look so far.

Next, we are going to add the first set of legs.  Notice that I layer them.  I placed one just a smidge on top of the other to give it a dimensional look.  I ran some glue along the top of both legs and attached them to the back of the breast.

I think our reindeer needs a body.  Again, if you marked your piece correctly, you'll know which way you should be assembling.

Attach the body to the back of the breast. It should also be on top of the front legs.

He's looking good so far.

Now, attach the hind legs the same way you attached the front legs.  Notice, the 4th leg is a bit on top of the 3rd.  The third is completely behind the 2nd.  Boy, I hope that made sense - LOL.

Our last attachment is the tail.  A little dab will do it.  Adhere the tail to the back of the body.

Well, I never said the back side was pretty, now did I.  Anyway, here is what the back of your dear should look like.

Pencil marks can easily be removed with your fluffing brush.  Just use light stokes across the letters and it will come right out.

And here is my finished Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I added some Holly and Berrys and a cute bell collar. I decided that his breast needed a hint of white so I simply tore a small triangular piece (single layer) of mulberry paper and glued it in place.  I added some Xmas Red Stickles to the Berries and Nose.  I used my white gel pen to highlight the eyes, hooves and antlers.  I grabbed my fine tip black pigma pen for eyebrows.

There you have it.  Now, isn't he adorable?  Now sit back and admire your masterpiece!  And don't forget to share them with us. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Please feel free to leave us a comment or post a note to your blog so we can visit.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Pattern Now Available!

Hello friends!

I know I'm a little late getting our new pattern released, but really... what else is new - LOL.  This wasn't the one I had planned on doing, but given the Spirit of Christmas is in the air, I thought a Reindeer was most appropriate.

Isn't he just adorable!  He is designed to have more of a "3D" effect.  You can view the pattern specifics and purchase it HERE. I've used our Caramel and White Mulberry paper to create him.

I have changed up our packaging for this one since he requires a bit more guidance for assembly.  I hope to have some tips posted on the Tear Bear Blog tomorrow.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Patty's First Tear Bear

I thought I'd share a bear that was created by Patty in her first attempt using our patterns.  This adorable little bear she created truly displays how easy our patterns are to use.

Didn't he turn out adorable!

You can visit Patty's blog to see her amazing work, and not just bears... she makes the most adorable cards too.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Patty!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Show us your Bears!!!

We've had great responses from our community of bear makers out there, so I thought it was about time that you all start showing off your bears! Just comment below with a link to where we can find your amazing bear!

Watch in the next few days as I will have a newly release critter coming out, along with some really cute digi stamps too!

Have a great night,

Saturday, November 7, 2009


There is often a lot of confusion when it comes to adhesive for making mulberry paper tear bears. The following adhesives will work fine on your mulberry paper critters. You can use your favorite adhesive if you are making cardstock bears.

The adhesive you choose should be from the list below. Keep in mind that mulberry paper is similar to fabric. Certain adhesives will not bond to the mulberry paper and may seep through and ruin your creation.

  • Glue stick:  I never recommend glue sticks for scrapbooking, but for the purpose of creating mulberry paper tear critters, a glue stick works just fine. It is quick drying and economical. Make sure that the glue is acid free and safe for scrapbooking.  
  • Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue*:  An all purpose adhesive that that is perfect for layering your mulberry paper critter and attaching parts. This glue dries clear and quickly and is my personal favorite for tear bears. Use for mulberry paper only, not cardstock. It will warp.
  • Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue (for eyes and nose)*:  This is an option adhesive that you can use to adhere the eyes and nose to your critters. This adhesive may also be used to make your critters. I like using this glue for the smaller pieces because it has a fine tip and is easy to control the amount you apply. Be careful not to use too much. It will seep out along the edges leaving very unattractive marks on your bear or critters.
  • Fabri-Tac*:  When in doubt, grab the Tac! This is by far one of my favorite adhesives. I use it for everything from making torn critters, attaching photo mats to my scrapbook layouts, and making mini albums. I recommend using this adhesive if you will be adding “clothing” to your bears. It is quick drying, and economical because you can use is sparingly. It is messy and has a bit of an odor to it, but well worth dealing with.
What Not TO USE:
Do not use Glue dots, 3D dimensional tabs, a tape runner or thin liquid adhesives when assembling your mulberry paper bear. Glue dots, tape runners, and photo tabs will not bond to the paper. And may cause your parts to “shift” or fall apart over time. These adhesives are okay for attaching your finished bear to your projects.

Thin liquid adhesives will seep through your paper and damage your paper piecing making in look very unattractive.


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new blog... "It's all about the Bear".  This blog will hopefully serve to be a great reference for all of your tear bear questions.  We will be posting our full instructions on how to make a tear bear, tips on fluffing, assembling, creating outfits (paper, fabric and ribbon dresses) and tons more.

Anyway, stay tuned because I am crossing my fingers to have some info posted this weekend.

Thanks for stoppping by,